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Activ5 Classic

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Activ5 Classic

Improved! Now more than ever, you can exercise anywhere, anytime!

Activ5 by ActivBody is an innovative, portable strength training device & app system that coaches you through five-minute full body workouts and measures strength, precision and other personal metrics.

At home, work or on-the-go, Activ5 is a fun, effective, results-driven exercise system designed to keep you active everyday.
- Over 100 five-minute workouts.
- Full body toning with progress tracking.
- Increase strength by as much as 30% over six weeks.
 - Adapts to your strength and creates customized exercises.
- Low impact exercises for all ages.
- Gamified workouts with uniquely designed games to make your workouts fun!
- Portable form factor, perfect for home, office and when traveling.
-Integrated with Apple Health and Apple Watch. Calories and Heart rate can be tracked with Apple Watch. Exercise time and workout type will be recorded in Apple Health.

What people are saying:
"It's the only fitness gadget that you can actually work out with."
-Sarah Jacobsson Purewal, MEN'S HEALTH
"allows you to work out anywhere"
"A perfect fit for road warriors and desk jockeys alike."
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