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Activ5 by activlife

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Activ5 by activlife

Get active wherever you are with the new Activ5 by activlife application that accompanies you in your personalized workouts, measures your strength, and tracks your progress over time.

Activ5 is the first connected stone that allows you to stay fit and healthy anywhere and anytime with a simple and effective concept: isometry.

Thanks to the exercises, Activ5 allows you to perform a complete body workout in a few minutes. At home, at work, or on the go, Activ5 offers a fun, effective, and convenient exercise routine designed to keep you active every day.

Activ5 offers you:
- Customized, professionally designed workouts
- Automatically adjusted effort levels to ensure you get the right workout for your strength level.
- Detailed statistics on each muscle group and muscle symmetry, allowing you to easily identify areas of weakness to avoid injury
- Tracking of exercise sets
- Integration with Apple Health to provide insights into your exercises and workouts
Activbody, Inc.