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Actionis Time Tracking

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Actionis Time Tracking

Track and analyze your activities!

Actionis is for you if you'd like to know where you spend your efforts at work, leisure, etc. - especially if you often have to switch between different activities.

Key features:
• Start, stop, and switch between activities with a single tap within Actionis on iPhone or on Apple Watch.
• Automatic break handling.
• Powerful tag concept to handle different customers, project categories, work/leisure/sport, and much more.
• Analyze your activities based on time spans, projects, and tags.
• Calculate your overtime.
• See the relevant duration today directly on the watch faces of Apple Watch.
• Handle work that spans multiple time zones.
• Export all or subsets of your activities as a CSV file for further processing with tools such as Microsoft Excel.
• Get reminders when you have spent a certain amount of time this day and/or this week.
Felix Gutbrodt