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Actionis Time Tracking

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Actionis Time Tracking

Track your projects. Manage your overtime. Analyze your activities.

Key Features

• Tracking - Start, stop, and switch between projects with a single tap within Actionis on iPhone or on Apple Watch.
• Overtime - Calculate your overtime with automatic break handling.
• Tags - Use hierarchical tags to handle different customers, project categories, work/leisure/sport, and much more.
• Keywords - Characterize activities with keywords without having to create a tag first.
• Analysis - Analyze and export reports of your activities.

• Apple Watch app - Switch projects and tags and get a summary of your day's work in the Actionis Apple Watch app.
• Apple Watch complications - Display today's work duration, the current project, and the time to leave directly on your watch faces.

• Time zones - Gracefully handle activities that span multiple time zones.
• Reminders - Get notifications when required durations are reached for the day, week, and month.
• Widget - See your daily, weekly, and monthly relevant durations at a glance.
• Export - Export all or subsets of your activities as a CSV file for further processing with tools such as Microsoft Excel.

• Privacy - All data stay on your device unless you explicitly export them or back them up.
• Back-up - Export all your tracked activities as human-readable XML files to use them elsewhere - or to import them back into Actionis.
• Native iOS - Fits perfectly into iOS and uses native iOS user interface features wherever feasible.
• One-time purchase - Unleash Actionis' full power with a one-time in-app purchase (see details on our website).
Felix Gutbrodt