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achu health

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achu health

achu health tears down the barriers to entry and levels the playing field by providing a platform that anyone can use to begin their journey to optimal health. There are no prerequisites for using achu health, and no prior fitness knowledge needed to kick start your new life.

achu health is a guided health ecosystem, designed to empower sustainable life changes for everyone along on their own health journey. Unlike other health platforms, this fully immersive experience removes all intimidation and meets you where you are currently at, providing you with small life changes that are sure to turn into a passion of lifelong learning and healthy behaviors.

Connect to Apple Health to allow achu health to use your health data trends and source scientific recommendations that are personalized to you.

Download achu health and take the guesswork out of your health and wellness journey.

The requirements are simple: Do you have an Apple Watch? Had no luck finding a health platform to accompany you on your health journey? Yes - this app is for you!

Throughout your experience, you’ll encounter four main phases:

Unlock your full potential with the Apple Watch. Our app will build your baseline health profile via your HRV Baseline range to help you understand where you are now and where you are going. 
See how your health baseline compares to your demographic's!

Take advantage of Heart Rate Variability (HRV), no longer a fitness metric just for athletes. Get your morning HRV reading to advise your day ahead by unlocking our 3-Step Feature, HRV Relative Outlook: 
- 60-Second Breathe Session - Take 60 seconds to read your Daily HRV using the Apple Watch Breathe App.
- Update your HRV Baseline Range - An evaluation of your current health status that continually updates to give you the most accurate representation of your health.
- Unlock your HRV Relative Outlook - Understand your body’s ability to handle daily stressors and make the most of each day with guided activity recommendations.

Health programs that work with you, not against you. Browse our library of personalized journeys, designed to make your goals more attainable than ever.
- Daily nudges and reminders help you stay on track.
- Real-time journey maps build digital accountability and help you stick to your new healthy habits!

Reports and analytics you can understand. Get actionable insights you can easily reflect on to view your progress and continue to better yourself!

Already follow a strict health regimen? No problem. Meet “FreeMode”- the ‘no strings attached’ version. Use our platform without the obligation of completing daily tasks connected to a specific journey.

HRV is a powerful, scientifically-validated tool used to evaluate your overall health and wellbeing. It directly reflects the health of your nervous system and is often used as an indicator of how your body responds to acute stressors affecting anxiety, burnout, sleep, and physical/mental performance.

Your privacy is our priority. We understand that health data is very sensitive, so it is all stored locally in encrypted form. All computation and analysis of your health data is executed on-device. Only in research studies, and with your permission, will your data be de-identified, anonymized, and encrypted to be securely shared with trusted healthcare professionals. You will always know which datatypes are collected, who it is being shared with, and what its uses are.

achu health is not a medical device. It is important to note that the produced results are purely statistical and may not represent how you are actually feeling. Any recommendation or analysis is not a medical diagnosis and should not be taken as such. If you feel the condition of your health is at risk, please seek medical help immediately or call emergency medical services.
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