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by Bo Zhou
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by Bo Zhou
Achieve is a task manager app that helps you finish and record your daily tasks. Achieve makes it easy to arrange your task, to-do list or future plans, even if you want cultivate your habit.

Time Management is the act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on your tasks. Achieve use Time Management to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity.
Your can start a your own Time Management or build-in Pomodoro Technique.

Achieve let you understand your schedule better, and unlike other similar software: Achieve focus on the task of one day. If you started a repeat task, Achieve will continual created this task. If your want change your schedule you can postponed yesterday unfinished task to today. Achieve record those events so that you can check monthly repeat task completion rate and which tasks has been postponed.

Key Features:
· Finish your job with pomodoro technique or your own time management method, you can create custom time management method
· Set priority, estimated finish time and remind to let you control over the important task better
· Read it later
· Built-In tasks, make you more convenient to create common tasks and finish on-going tasks
· Check monthly completion rate and details about repeat and postponed tasks
· Add tag to task and classify your tasks
· Add important details to your task by using subtasks and note
· Get a glance of your task with Today widget
· Export daily tasks report
· Convenient to create or search task and check calendar by use 3D Touch
· Save your data to the iCloud, never mind loss data when replace your phone
· Support phone, smart watch and tablet, be productive from anywhere
· Multiple themes

You may want to write a review in app store or send our mail directly if you have any suggestions and question, we will take care of every user's suggestion. Let's together to make Achieve better and we also wish everyone achieve your goals through this app.
Bo Zhou