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Ace Referee

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Ace Referee

Ace Referee is a companion app for handball, racquetball and squash referees. If you have ever climbed a ladder with a pencil in your mouth and a scorecard in your hand, then Ace Referee is the app for you. Ace Referee eliminates the referee's need for pencil and paper. It keeps track of score, server and timeouts on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, and now with the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch version allows you to score a game locally or take over a match from the iPhone. All referee features available in the iOS version including the live scoring feature. With a Chromecast and a monitor you can drive a video scoreboard from your Apple Watch.

Ace Referee's live score feature allows spectators to view real-time score updates for any match where the referee is using the app. Via the view scores screen users can simultaneously monitor up to 10 matches on both the iPhone and iPad, and the view scores screen is cast enabled, so match scores can be sent to an external display to have a video scoreboard during a tournament.

Ace Referee can be launched by other apps such as Bracket Ace so that the match data is populated automatically for the referee.

Ace Referee can also scan a barcode on a Bracket Ace scorecard. All match data will be populated and the match result will be reported to Bracket Ace.
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