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Accu-Chek View

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Accu-Chek View

Accu-Chek View

With the Accu-Chek View App you participate in the personalized health management program of Roche Diabetes Care Deutschland GmbH and your health insurance / health insurance. Personalized health management is a diabetes prevention program and would like to actively involve you as a patient in your medical treatment, as the app will always help you achieve your individual therapeutic goals - such as: Your personal daily step goal - are informed.

With Accu-Chek View, you can capture your following medical parameters in a single mobile app:
• Blood sugar,
• Blood pressure,
• abdominal circumference and
• Mass

Accu-Chek View also connects to Apple Health kit to retrieve medical data

Monitor their course and provide it to your doctor or coach for therapy support.
You can go beyond that
• deposit your personal medication plan and
• Receive reminder of your medication.
Quite simply, you can also request a new prescription from your doctor via Accu-Chek View.

You can share your health data with your doctor or coach online at any time.
Your doctor or coach has an up-to-date overview of your health status and can, for example, get in contact with you at critical values via a message function and give you individual recommendations at an early stage.
Learn about the permissions required for this app:
• Call the telephone number directly (this is required if you wish to call your doctor / coach or Roche Customer Service),
• take photos and videos (this permission is required if you want to personalize your app),
• Full Internet access (this permission is required to share your medical information with your clinician),
• Create Bluetooth connections (this permission is required if you want to connect peripherals such as Accu-Chek Guide)
• Control vibration (this permission is required if you want to receive reminders)
• Test access to protected storage (this permission is required to have your data encrypted on your smartphone).
You will receive the necessary QR code for the full version of the app exclusively from your treating doctor or coach! If your treating physician or coach does not participate in the diabetes prevention program of Roche Diabetes Care Deutschland GmbH and your health insurance / health insurance, you still have the opportunity to use the app in a limited test mode.
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