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Absolute Tides

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Absolute Tides

Displays officially licenced UKHO tidal data on an annual basis without ever needing to go online.

The tidal data is contained in our annual data plugins and must be purchased using in-app purchases.

Once you have purchased the data, this app will allow you to view UKHO standard port tides up to a year in advance.

The app will also calculate secondary port tides using its own built in offsets. (The 'UK data 2016' IAP contains data for 38 primary ports and over 500 secondary ports, see our website for more details on coverage)

The main view is an 'At a glance' table view of each month's tides and tidal ranges.

Selecting an entry will display an easy to use daily chart view showing the tide height for any time of day and a tidal stream view showing tidal direction and speed at hourly intervals.

The Weather section downloads and displays the current Met Office Inshore Forecast.

Absolute Tides also makes anchoring easy by calculating the maximum and minimum tides beween the current time and any selected future date/time.

Note: This application will NOT work without at least one of our tidal data in-app purchases being installed. Please check that the tide data you want is available before downloading this app.

The small print:
For leisure use only.
Heights of tides can vary from those predicted depending on the prevailing weather conditions.
All data is given in good faith and is believed to be correct but we accept no responsibility for any consequential loss or damage arising from use of this application.
Secondary port data calculated using offsets will be less accurate than the UKHO standard port data.
This app is neither affiliated to nor endorsed by the Met Office.
Darren Edwards