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With just 8 keypad buttons, this keypad can carry out the entire features of a conventional keyboard. 8 button consists of 5 vowels (alphabet a,e,I,o,u), which counts for 30~40 percent of keyboard usage, and number pads/keys along with space-key. Rest of the other consonants can be typed in by pressing keys that pop up when the vowels keys are pressed. The consonants that are sequenced between vowels are arranged in alphabetical order, making this keypad easily accessible to children and non-English users who are not accustomed to conventional qwerty keyboard.

For example, press 'a' to type in 'a'. Press 'a' then drag it toward the center of the screen to type in 'b.' Press 'a' and 'c' will pop up, then drag to 'c' to type in 'c' and drag 'c' toward the center of the screen to type in 'd'

Press 'a' and type in predicted texts that appears center of the screen by dragging off the predicted text of your choice. You can get predicted texts for 'b' by dragging 'a' toward the center of the screen. Other consonants that are sequenced between other vowels have the same input method. 

Pressing a letter in the text input box will replace it with the preceding alphabet and pressing and holding the letter will replace it with a subsequent alphabet. This function allows users to fix typographical errors without having to delete and retype and also can be used to input consonants to be typed in faster by reversing the order from a vowel. For example, 'd' can be typed in by using this method after typing in 'e'. 

Pressing and holding 'a' key will activate/deactivate Capslock.

Press 7# keypad button to enter the numbers on the watch or dragging the number toward the center of the screen and release it to type in the number. Pressing and holding 7# keypad will switch screen back to alphabet keypad.

Press and hold Space key to access sign keys and emoticon and setting. Pressing and holding the symbol keys or emoticon keys will have popup to show you more emoticons or symbols.

When you press and hold the Earth-shaped conversion key after typing an alphabet, it displays Neo-Latin (Romantic/European) alphabet, type the European alphabet by pressing the alphabet you wish to type in.
Pressing the space key will put in space and dragging the space key toward the center of the screen will activate back space key to delete a letter.

Press and hold for the 'settings key' and 'send key' to pop up, and choose the key of your choice by dragging it.

Press the setting key to enable/disable European alphabet usage and Predicted text function. It is recommended for beginners to disable the suggested vocabulary function and enable the function after getting used to the keyboard.

Dragging the 'send key' will switch to send text screen to send texts.
Jinwoo Lee