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A Very Smart Shopping List for the Watch too

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A Very Smart Shopping List for the Watch too

A Very smart shopping list is the new app that will allow you to keep costs under control.
The app tells you in real time if the product you're buying is the cheapest or the most expensive, based on your previous purchases.
Provides you with a SIMULATION of your spending in all markets on which you have already made purchases.
This gives you a chance to save money after only a few shoppings.

Apple Watch is here!!!
This update allows you to do shopping through the wonderful Apple Watch.
Create your list in your iPhone and launch the app on smartwatch; the list will appear on your wrist and, as in the device, you can mark the items taken at the touch on its entry.
You always have the three lists of products: to be taken, those taken and the global list; to move from one list to another you simply swipe left or right .
Now that you have the list on your wrist too, grocery shopping is even easier !!!

A Very smart shopping list must enable the following activities:
1) Save all lists to have a record of expenses with price developments;
2) Allow a quick selection of products to buy, maybe with a built-in bar code reader;
3) Repropose the prices of the items if you have already purchased in the same market;
4) Allow to store items broken down by category and type of price (per piece or according to quantity);
5) Provide a list of charts to get a quick idea of the cost incurred, the type of products purchased, markets visited;
6) Allow a quick backup of the data for future use or for further analysis on spreadsheets.
A Very smart shopping list allows all this! And much more!

********** VERSATILITY **********
Versatility is the ability to meet the needs of any type of user; the user perfectionist will be able to define in detail each product in every detail, defining name, brand and type.
The less demanding user may also create its database in a more flexible way by including only generic names of products for faster selection when compiling the list.
Clearly the two possibilities may be combined as, for example, at compile the list will be possible to select only the generic products such as: pasta, biscuits, oil, etc.. In this way, the compilation of the list will be quick and streamlined.

********** EFFICIENCY **********
The app will be much more efficient as will be most able to automatically generate data enabling the fewest number of user's tap.
For this reason, the app is able to associate automatically the last known price of the selected product relative to the market on which it intends to make the expenditure. In this way the user will only have to change the prices that, in the meantime, will have undergone a change.
Clearly, this mechanism also allows you to have an estimate of the cost of the expense!
Another tool that characterizes the app is the built-in barcode reader, if, in the process of creating the product, is also associated with its bar code, the compilation of the list will be a snap. The scan codes allow the immediate association of the product without having to type a single character!

********** CONTROL **********
One of the key features of the app is the ability to control costs.
There are a variety of graphics that immediately give the prices trend, in particular, are available in the following graph:
-> Prices for each product (line graph);
-> Cost of expenses (line graph);
-> Percentage based on the categories (pie chart);
-> Percentage based on brands (pie chart);
-> Percentage based on the market (pie chart).
Control also means the possibility of having the "ownership" of data entered in the app, and for this reason there is an "Options" section where you can back up your data for an import in other devices that own the app, and for a further analysis on more advanced tools such as spreadsheets.

If you have any doubts, questions, suggestions, visit us on our website and leave a message.
Enjoy your app!
Oscar Peli