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Ebb Tide

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Ebb Tide

Ebb Tide is a quick and easy tide app with watch app, complications, glance, and today extension widget.

Designed to give you quick access to the tide data you care about on your wrist and today screen with as quickly as possible.

The complications and glance tell you the most important data about the upcoming tide with a quick glance at your wrist.

In the watch app you can go deeper and discover upcoming extreme highs and lows as well as looking up the tide for any day of the year.

The watch app also maintains a copy of the data so you can check the tide even when your phone is not around.

The today extension widget tells you about the upcoming tides without needing to unlock your phone. Just pull down the Today shade to see what's happening.

The Graph view is a clean an fast way to swipe through the tides by day.

The Calendar makes it super fast to view the tide for any day of the year.

The Calendar also indicates extreme tides with a small indicator icon. The more extreme the tide, the brighter the indicator.

Pick for over 3000 tide stations in the US and it's territories from a map view or quickly find your station with the auto-completing search bar.

James Prudente