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Shower Savvy

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Shower Savvy

FACT: Showering and bathing are the largest indoor uses of water in the average household.

Showering is something most of us do every day. With that warm, relaxing stream of water, it’s all too easy to lose track of the time, and many people spend a lot longer in the shower than is really necessary.

The average shower lasts 15 to 20 minutes, using about 45 gallons of water. But simply reducing your shower time by 5 minutes could save over 4000 gallons of water a year. Not everyone has access to safe, clean drinking water. By taking shorter showers, you’ll not only cut down on your utility bills, but you’ll also be using water responsibly. And Shower Savvy is designed to help you do all of this.


- Time your showers with your iPhone or Apple Watch, and see exactly how much water you’re using.
- Get accurate water usage calculations by entering your showerhead’s water flow rate.
- Set goals for yourself to keep your water usage in check.
- View your progress with beautiful charts and statistics.
- Easily share your data with your friends.
- Get interesting facts and tips about water.
- Clean, fluid user interface.
Neil Sardesai