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MineMaster brings the famous retro classic Minesweeper to both iPhone and AppleWatch. Solve the riddles by uncovering fields - but be careful a mine might be hiding under it. Adjust the diffculity according to your preference.

On AppleWatch you have the ability to choose from two game modes. Level mode leads you on a journey of 99 maps with increasing challenges. Single mode allows you to solve a quick game, ideal for a short wait.

On iPhone try to beat the clock. Finish the game as fast as possible, to gain a higher score.

* The famous PC Classic now on your AppleWatch
* Single Game Made with adjustable difficulty
* Playable on both AppleWatch and iPhone
* Level Mode with 99 Levels (AppleWatch only)
* NEW: Glance Screen with Statistics (AppleWatch only)
* NEW: Ad-free Version
* NEW: Flag Function: Click the Flag Symbol to mark a field.
* NEW: HighScore Function: The iPhone Version now scores your performance.
* NEW: Timer Function: Be as fast as possible.
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