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Contraction and Kick counter

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Contraction and Kick counter

"Contraction and Kick Counter" is the simplest way to track your contractions or to count your baby's kicks. No clumsiness, just tap and record the data.

It also make it more convenient to record the data if you have an Apple Watch. You can even record the contractions/kicks by using your Apple Watch. You don't have to reach for your phone always.

There is another amazing feature given for your convenience. You can choose the launch screen on your Apple Watch based on your preference between Contractions and Kicks.

*************************** Features ***************************
- Track your contractions/kicks data.
- View and email report.
- Option to enter data using Apple Watch.
- Set your preferred launch screen on Watch between contractions & kicks.

NOTE: The app can be used as a standalone app on your phone, as well as with your Apple Watch.

So download "Contraction and Kick Counter" which is available for iPhone 6 and Apple Watch on the App Store.....