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Pester Me

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Pester Me

Never forget a task again.

All of us procrastinate. Pester will help you overcome your nature of procrastination by giving you reminders periodically until you actually get it done.

==== Features ====

• Snooze Today - Don't get reminded again today, but start again tomorrow

• Scheduled Tasks - Don't start getting pestered until a specific date.

• Customized Frequency - Want to get notifications more or less frequently? Just specify how often you want reminded and it will send reminders no more frequently than you specify.

• Color Coded Tasks - Each task can be assigned a color.

• Task Picture - Assign a picture to a task if you need to remind yourself using the image. The picture will show on your apple watch notifications!

• Completely Offline - We do not require an internet connection for your reminders to work. Wherever, whenever. You will be pestered.
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