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Kanji Lookup Pro

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Kanji Lookup Pro

KanjiLookup Pro - the ultimate Kanji reference, simple, fast, and hassle-free!

KanjiLookup Pro is a Kanji reference that focusses on - and attempts to excel at - one thing: Finding the meaning of an unknown Kanji character as quickly and easily as possible, in the only way that really makes sense on a touch-enable device: by drawing it on your screen.

Stop wasting your time counting strokes, deciphering radicals, or learning the intricacies of 'well-designed' lookup schemes - simply start drawing the character and watch results appear instantaneously.
KanjiLookup Pro does not clutter your results with obscure readings only found in the name of that one mountain village or cross-references to paper dictionaries you most likely don't own anyway. Instead, it simply shows you what you are looking for: The character's pronunciation and definition. In addition, a searchable list of the most relevant words containing the Kanji character is only a tap away - along with beautifully animated stroke-order diagrams, definitions, synonyms, and much more. KanjiLookup Pro even allows you to export stroke order diagrams so that you can perfect your penmanship, making Kanji Lookup the ideal study companion.

KanjiLookup Pro was designed from the ground up for minimal start-up time, nearly instantaneous handwriting recognition, and a clean interface that doesn't get in your way. It currently contains information for over 3500 Kanji, including but not limited to all the Joyo and Jinmeiyo characters. Synonyms and definitions are currently in Japanese only.
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