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Freefly ALTA

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Freefly ALTA

Set up, tune and monitor your ALTA remotely with the Freefly ALTA app. A seamless interface, in-depth checklists and the ability to quickly adjust key parameters means you spend less time on the ground and more time setting up the next shot.


Key Features:

Dial in your ALTA setup by adjusting key aircraft configurations. Adjust ALTA flight tuning parameters, perform channel mapping, change ALTA LED colors, enable on-screen display items for first-person view (FPV) camera systems, adjust safety settings and more.

View the status of your ALTA in flight, examine real-time charting of numerous ALTA sensors and flight parameters, or check for firmware updates. MONITOR helps you make sure ALTA is performing at its best.

Make sure ALTA is always ready to get the shot and stored safely for the next job with a set of in-depth checklists.

Use the companion Apple Watch app to view checklists.


Refer to the ALTA user manual before using the ALTA app to change configurations and for information on safely operating an ALTA.

Compatible with Freefly ALTA.

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