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Life is a powerful to-do list & game app that rewards you for completing tasks. Your progression in the game is directly dependent upon things that you do in real life.

Actionable reminders
Since so many of the reminders we set on our phone are about things that we have to 'do on our phone’, Life allows you to set actionable reminders. Got a reminder notification to ‘Pay the phone bill’? just slide to go to the website. ‘Call mom for cheese cake recipe’? just slide the notification to call. Works with Calling, messaging, Email and URL links.

Unified powerful list
All tasks and reminders are unified in one single main list which can be as big as possible but the data you need is still instantly reachable with an innovative sort and scroll slider that takes you to the tasks you need.

Independent lists can also be created which appear as a single entry in the main list and can be sorted along all other tasks.

A lot of to-do apps in the appstore clutter your list with completed tasks that you are not sure you want to delete. With a single pull up of the list, archive all your your completed tasks be it sublists, actionable tasks, reminders or just plain list items. When you need them back simply swipe them back into your main list.

All the hard work you do through the day completing tasks on your list are rewarded as points which are used in the game. Use points to strategise attacks on alien infested continents of earth while managing defenses, resources, economy and your fighters as aliens attack back. The more things you get done in real life, the faster you get rid of the alien invasion.
Ishaan Sejwal