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Uh Oh!

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Uh Oh!

Enter the Pyramid and surpass as many chambers as possible!
But be careful where you step!
The floor is full of Egyptian traps.
Avoid them all and get to the other side.

Many fun and colorful levels are waiting for you.
Test your intuition and your luck.

Uh Oh! It's a trap! And it's addictive.

Uh Oh! is also "wearable". Try it on Apple Watch!
It's a trap!
Avoid them all!
Something strange is in the air...
Free Movements
But be careful where you step!
Raffaele D'Amato

Im Raffaele DAmato, an italian developer from Paternopoli. Im working as developer from 2008. I started with modding/hacking World of Warcrafts private servers as member of some emulation projects like TrinityCore (as Contributor), BloodyCore (as Admin), BloodyWars, etc. Then I bought a MacBook Pro and I started exploring the wonderful world of iOS Development! I then worked on various apps for my clients like Rome MVR 2 (coming soon) and some other Augmented Realitys apps. Now Im developing games for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch with Cocos2d and Cocos3d.