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Simple Sudoku: A Puzzle for Apple Watch

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Simple Sudoku: A Puzzle for Apple Watch

Simple Sudoku is a classic sudoku game that you can play anywhere, on any screen; including your Apple Watch.

Designed to be easy to scan and delightful to play, Simple Sudoku gives you exactly what it promises, a great game of sudoku.

An autosaving game that is accessible from your phone and your watch.
Start a game on your watch, finish it on your phone.
Start a game on your phone, finish it on your watch.

Play three different levels, with boards ranging from quick and easy, to incredibly tricky.

A design focused on picking out specific numbers on both the Apple Watch and your iPhone.

Tools like notes and highlighting numbers and errors, to make any game approachable.

Play a real game of sudoku even on your Apple Watch, no dumbing down.

A style that can't be beat, a win screen that makes you feel like a champion, and the ability to trumpet your achievements to the world!
Quickly scan the board and pick out errors, and open spaces.
Choose your Difficulty
Choose between 3 difficulty levels, from easy and fun, to devious and challenging.
Adding and removing numbers to your board is intuitive and easy using a custom watch keyboard.
Scan your Board
Quickly scan the board to plan our your next move. Our sudoku board is designed for the small screen, so you be able to play sudoku without a magnifying glass.
Make your Move
Adding and removing numbers to your board is intuitive and clean using a custom keyboard designed for the Apple Watch.
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