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iSubha | Islamic Prayer Beads app designed for the Apple Watch and the iPhone, offers simplicity in counting your daily Zikr.

+ Subhan'Allah - سبحان الله meaning "Glory be to Allah"

+ Alhamdulillah - الحمد لله meaning "All praise is due to Allah"

+ Allah Akbar - الله أَكْبَر meaning "Allah is the Greatest"


1. Simply tap on the screen to start counting.

2. Use the timer displayed at the bottom to start and pause a session.

3. Get a vibration alert when you reach 33, 66, 100 counts.

4. Supports Apple watch.

If you like this free app, please be sure to rate it on the App Store and leave a comment for your fellow Brothers and Sisters and recommend the app to your friends and family so that you can share in the reward In Shaa ALLAH.
Azam farish