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With THREE ADDITIONAL LINES OF KEYS and 56 functional buttons always visible, against the 26 on the system keyboard.

It's innovative but easy to use, with everything you need in the foreground.


- THREE ADDITIONAL KEY LINES, this means having a complete keyboard that best fits the larger screen sizes of current devices.
- FAVORITES: you certainly have Emoji or frequently used characters / #hashtag / phrases / email addresses.., you can match them to the favorite line and always have them visible and handy as you type.

- YOUR COMBINATION: with each key you can associate characters, Emoji, #hashtag, phrases, etc ... for a quick and personal choice of what you need.
- Your WRITING REQUIREMENTS are the basis of the operation of this keyboard.
- DO NOT CHANGE SCREEN to access punctuation, numbers, Emoji that you use most.
- KEY-UP function: writing with one hand has never been easier!
The keyboard is positioned higher in the screen, so you reach all the keys and you have a more balanced and secure grip, limiting the danger that the device will slide and fall. (Only for iPhone X, 8plus, 8, and equivalents)
- AUTO-CORRECT and Auto-suggestion (16 languages). Language support has been greatly enhanced and the predictive feature has been complemented by a FUNNY "swearword".
- TOUCH FEEDBACK on equipped devices.
- Optimized for Phone X, 8 Plus and 8 and equivalents. Also Compatible with 5s, 5c, 5, iPad, iPad Pro and iPod touch

KEYBOARD NEEDS THE COMPLETE ACCESS TO PERMIT CUSTOMIZATIONS (we assure you that the informations you enter are NOT SAVED OR ANALYZED). It works OFFLINE and it does not use the network and internet in any way to save or transmit what you type. IF YOU DO NOT ALLOW THE COMPLETE ACCESS, THE KEYBOARD WILL NOT WORK

General features:

- Everything in the foreground: in particular numbers and punctuation, symbols and Emoji
- Customizable: You can match to any key: phrases, Emoji or symbols that you use most often
- Various color variations
- Key-Up for iPhone X, 8Plus, 8 and equivalents in size
- Auto-correct and Auto-suggestion (16 languages)
- Automatic Uppercase Letters
- Automatic space selection after the point ->.?!
- Automatic space selection after the comma ->,;
- Keys Sounds
- Touch Feedback on equipped devices
- Horizontal mode with key to hide the keyboard
- It works with your favorite Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Mail, Messages and many more
- It works offline (it means that it does not use the network and internet and not save or transmit what you type)

Thanks for the suggestions you give us, we continue to work for you so MySpecialKey will become your favorite keyboard.
Daniele Miglioli