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nFinite Coin

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nFinite Coin

Conquer indecision once and for all with nFinite Coin, the world’s first and ONLY 3D coin flipping app for Apple Watch!

nFinite Coin doesn’t stop with basic coin flipping, though. nFinite Coin also lets you flip new 3-, 4-, and 5-sided “coins" that let you decide between more than just two things. Ever find yourself stuck between 3 options, unable to decide which way to go? Now you have a 3-sided coin for that.

While it may be remarkably simplistic in its design, nFinite Coin delivers pixel-for-pixel the most realistic coin flip you will find in any iPhone or Apple Watch app.

Enhanced for the Retina HD displays in the latest iPhones and Apple Watch, nFinite Coin’s 3D-rendered coin flip animations are stunningly realistic. Unlike apps that merely “flip” a 2D image on the screen, nFinite Coin flips a three-dimensional coin designed to look exactly like a real coin spinning in the air. At 60 frames per second, nFinite Coin’s lossless animations are virtually indistinguishable from a real coin on your phone or on your wrist.*

So invest in your decision-making power with nFinite Coin, the world’s most versatile, realistic, and accessible coin-flipping app.

* 2-sided and 3-sided coins pre-rendered at 60fps with realistic motion blur. 4- and 5-sided coin animations rendered live without blur. 2- and 3-sided coins are animated realistically on Apple Watch.
Zack Fletcher