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Classicalc calculator

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Classicalc calculator

Classicalc is a unique, the most classy calculator app on the App Store. It's designed to be beautiful and simple, but also… to sound amazing! Each color theme has its own, actual Grand Piano major scale! It's Chopin-awesome! Underneath it beautiful simplicity, there's some serious technology powering Classicalc:

## Instant Calculation calculates the formula as you type, so you never have to use the equals sign (=). We spare you one unnecessary tap at a time.

## Classicalc calculates result using mathematical order of operators (× ÷ + -) so if you would like to add 1 to 1 and then multiply the result by 2, you should write (1 + 1) × 2 instead of 1 + 1 × 2

## You can start your calculations on your iPhone, then Continue on your Apple Watch, and the other way around.

## Your most recent equation is always saved, even if you shut the app. When you run it again, The formula is instantly there.

## 14 great-looking backgrounds with related actual Grand Piano major scales. Change colors and major scales on iPhone app (by pressing little diamond in top-left corner) to change colors on Apple Watch.

## In case the numbers bore you, you can always play a song. It's Chopin-awesome!

*** Tips ***
- long press "backspace" button to clear whole expression (you can also force touch on your Watch)
- long press the result on your iPhone/iPad to copy it to the system clipboard
Lukasz Kowalski