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MTG 2020

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MTG 2020

MTG 2020 is a life counter app for Magic: the Gathering. It is designed to replace life dice for competitive play. The app is simple, yet intuitive, and provides the essential information to keep the player's mind in the game.

iPhone App features:

- Add and subtract life quickly with highly visible increment and decrement buttons
- Enter up to 6 game results with an automatic life reset after game result is pressed
- Win/Loss/Draw record logged on the main screen for up to 6 games

Apple Watch features:

- D20, 2xD6, D6 dice roller and coin flip functionality with touch and Force Touch to roll options
- Player and opponent life total counters with large increment and decrement buttons
- Win (W), Loss (L), Draw (D), and Current Game (G) tracker (Force Touch to add to or reset totals)
- Poison counters with independent Force Touch to reset counter totals
Tom Jones