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Rebus Zone

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Rebus Zone

Thinking outside the box has never been more fun than it is with Rebus Zone! Playing this bright game is not only engaging and addicting experience, but also a great way to warm up your brain before some serious mind work we all have to do sometimes.

With new updates already on the way, Rebus Zone will be the ultimate guide into the labyrinths of your mind. Being stuck on a level is not that annoying with our fun hints and ability to ask your friends for help.

We have been working hard on our juicy design, fun sounds, animation and hints and, of course, the rebuses themselves to make playing this game your favorite pastime.

If you love the game, let us know, and we'll be sure to reward you with some hot new levels!

Now enter the rebus zone – it's time to shake your brains!

************ "When it’s time to put your brain to the test, this game will certainly do it."

Cult of mac: "A game that can keep your mind working even when it’s at play, which is why we recommend you give it a try."
Oleksandr Burtnyk