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Stir Trek Conference App

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Stir Trek Conference App

This app is built to showcase session information for the Stir Trek Conference coming up in Columbus on May 1st 2015. See for details.

Please note, this app is primarily built for one of the sessions (The Smartwatch revolution!) and contains an apple watch app that contains glances (for quick current and upcoming session info) and a watch app that shows session abstracts for both current and upcoming sessions.

Select your favorite session per timeslot by touching a particular session for at least a second. Deselect using the same process. Note: On the watches, only 1st favorite session (per time slot) is shown to simplify the display due to size. Tagging sessions as favorites works on both the "Sessions" tab and the "Tracks" tab.

This app also communicates with a pebble smart watch and can show the Current and Upcoming session title. See pebble app listing here :

It joins the many different stir trek apps pool. Feed back welcome.

If you are one of those who get their apple watches in time for the conference, please send feedback.

A simulation of the app can be seen by enabling tutorial mode in settings. This causes the app to treat the current day as the day of the conference and pushes tagged favorite sessions for each time slot to the pebble watch and the apple watch (glance and watch app).
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