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Rizmme Lite [Free] biorhythm

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Rizmme Lite [Free] biorhythm

"Forecast app" that predicts your physical condition like the weather forecast, has just appeared on the scene as the light version to accommodate Apple Watch.
By simply registering your date of birth, your physical condition will be predicted, based on your biorhythm.
It predicts your physical condition of the day and then offers you a five-level evaluation, as well as relevant advice.
Won't you check your rhythm when you have a bit of time as you are on your move every day?

App features.
- It predicts your physical condition, based on your biorhythm and provides you
with a five-level display.
- You can readily check your physical condition even with Apple Watch.
- It offers you the advice on how to spend that day that is in keeping with your
physical condition. Let it be the reference for how you live your life.
- You can also check the physical condition of your friends.

What is "physical condition forecast"?
Biorhythm, which has been studied for a long time, is made up of "harmonious periods" and "sluggish periods," depending on cellular activities. Knowing the nature of your body, based on rhythmic changes, you will likely live a well-balanced life that does not burden your body.
The rhythm of your body, that of your emotions and of your mind differ from each other. During your "harmonious periods," even if you exerted yourself a little, you would be all right. On the other hand, during your "sluggish periods," you should take care not to overexert yourself, but to rest or leave your office early. Let's refer to Rizmme’s forecast and follow the advice."