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mimic mind - memory training on the go

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mimic mind - memory training on the go

mimic mind lets you play instantly, no matter where you are or what you are doing.
It is the perfect way to calm down at the bus station, when traveling or simply at home.

It's simple:
Watch the sequence of glowing boxes and mimic them afterwards. Every round a new box will be added to the sequence...
For how long can you stay mimic mind ?

Take your score to the next level on iPhone, iPad and on your wrist with Apple Watch and compete your friends.

Download now and enjoy playing !
pick your favorite color
No matter which wristband-color you've got, it's covered! Simply perform a force touch and select the color picker to pick your color.
Amir Dagustany

I'm a 18 year-old Indie App Developer living in Germany. Even in my early childhood, I remember being enthusiastic about computers and the variety of experiences they offer. At the age of three I got my first PC with Win 95. While growing up, my knowledge grew with me and some day I simply wanted to break the wall between user and developer. My first steps in coding were at the age of 13. Since then I explored the world of software development in various programming languages, like Visual Basic, C# and Java. At the age of 15 I got my first Mac and now had the opportunity to code IOS apps. I started learning Objective-C with Xcode and was amazed about the efficiency of this language and the gorgeous IDE , so it became my favorite one and I concentrated on it. (Later I switched to SWIFT, which is absolutely gorgeous!) In June 2013 I released my first app: writtenWatch Since then I learned a lot about Game Development and introduced my second app: PinguFlap Up to 2015 I released three further games: Qblox, Qblox Rush and Shaky Jelly As the Apple Watch and WatchKit for developers were announced, it was clear, that theres a whole new bunch of possibilities. Though, it is a challenge to create an app extension for the Apple Watch, because it is not native and you are limited to flip book like animations, which is a little bit restrictive especially for games. On the other hand, it is fun to create something out of the given tools. After experimenting with WatchKit, I realized that an app for Apple Watch has to be short-term-designed. You only use it for about 20 seconds or less. When designing a game for such a device, it is important, that it is round-based, which means you can play one short match and later another one, but you arent forced to play until you reach a checkpoint. After a while, I had the idea for a simple game, which can be played both on IOS Devices and the Apple Watch and is simple yet funny, so it matches the given specifications. And this is how I started to develop mimic mind. After my high school exams, which are equivalent to the university entrance degree called Abitur here in Germany, in a few weeks, I intend to start studying computer science and develop even better apps.