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[Attention] This App is for Apple Watch users only.

"Kogoro-" is a toy for Apple Watch users.
This App speaks the words that you spoke toward the Apple Watch on your behalf in mechanical voice.

Tuning of mechanical voice can be operated by Apple Watch side.
- Voice volume (Talking volume)
- Voice speed (Talking speed)
- Male or Female voice switching

1. Starts the "Kogoro-" app in iPhone.
2. Starts "Kogoro-" app in Apple Watch, speaks toward the Apple Watch after pushing the "Speak!" button.

[Uses for example]
- Keep in gimmick the iPhone in-haunted house, and speak with ghosts of pretend from where little away.
- Keep in put the iPhone in a stuffed toy, and speak with stuffed pretend from where little away.
- Keep in place the iPhone in sleeping side of the people are, and speak by pretending that person from the place where a little away.
- etc.

[More feature]
- History

Your words (up to 10) will be displayed automatically when next time you press the "speak!" button.
If you want to delete the history, please tap to "Delete history" at Force touch menu.
(Force Touch menu will be displayed by pressing strongly "Kogoro-" application screen)
If you want to disable history feature, selects the [Kogoro-] in the Settings app is on the iPhone, and disables the feature.

- Preset words

Once you have set in advance the words frequently used as a "Preset words", just tap the preset words button on the Apple Watch, it can be immediately speak.
Preset words you can be specified up to 10. Selects the [Kogoro-] in the Settings app is on the iPhone, please enter the preset words.
The entered preset strings, will be reflected in the next display the timing Apple Watch side of "Kogoro-" app.

- Background

This app displays the
realtime image from the Camera or the photo from Photo library on background.

This app has the In-App-Purchase with iTunes Store account.