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Gero Time Management Companion

by ustwo
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Gero Time Management Companion

by ustwo
Meet Gero: Designed for Apple Watch & iPhone to harmonize your work-break balance and increase your productivity, without getting in the way. Inspired by tried and true time management techniques, Gero improves your mental agility by syncing your iPhone and Apple Watch to provide timed “sprints”, typically 25 minutes in length, followed by a short break to relax your mind and stretch.

With this app, you can:
- Sync between your iPhone and Apple Watch for seamless integration.
- Customize sprint and short break lengths.
- Customize the number of sprints in a row.
- Restart your progress manually.
- Disable sounds.

While simple and seemingly basic, the ustwo team painstakingly crafted our time management app, drawing inspiration from the “zen” mentality and an underlying theme of elegant simplicity. It fades into the background, alerting you of sprint cycle changes with non-intrusive sounds, and quickly encourages the subconscious habit of productivity with the aid of your Apple Watch.

Pronounced “jeer-oh”, the name Gero was a natural fit for our time management app. Meaning “to produce” in Latin, the goal was to create a tool that has it’s own subtle personality, but wasn’t something you’d tire of quickly, or become easily distracted by. Think of it as fung shui for your work: The perfect balance between being productive and leaving time for yourself. Now, let’s get stuff done!