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• There are thousands of camera apps in App Store, but the only Camera app in iOS App Store with stereo audio in video recording and nearby device audio input is OmniCam.

• OmniCam lets the user to mix audio in real time that is the microphone input will be mixed with music of choice and gives a pleasant audio feel to the video, again for the first time for an app. The smooth zoom ramping is another awesome feature no other apps offer.

• It records 4K video not only in iPhone 6s and 6S plus, but in older devices like 5s, 6 and 6 plus. It supports many 4K resolutions which are only available in this app.
• It has built in movie editor, gif maker and karaoke dubbing feature.

• It can import videos from iOS library and extract still images from them. The still images can be annotated or watermarked using tools like text and pen and saved backed to iOS library.

• Advanced DSLR like manual controls in still camera mode coupled with Photo editor with many post processing tools. Unlike iPhone’s standard camera, the app can lock the focus and exposure in different areas. It also allows to set manual focus, exposure and white balance.

• Apple Watch remote control with live camera preview, lets the user to trigger the shutter and pause and resume while video recording. Apple’s own camera does this only for still camera mode, but this app does for both still and video.

• It has integrated many social sharing platforms and can instantly share media with them with a few taps. Supports YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram etc.

Main features
#,Up to 9 camera modes (Dual Mic, Burst Mode,Photo,Video,4K Video,Colors,Music Video,Slow-Fast)
#,Dub your music video,by lip-syncing to your favourite song
#,Stereo sound for videos, can use another iPhone/iPad/iPod as external mic
#,4K recording in supported devices with various formats DCI4K and cinemascope. Direct YouTube upload
#,Time-lapse up to 4K for different shooting situations and custom capture frame rates and playback frame rates
#,Extract photos from videos
#,Make gif from video
#,Audio animation and mixing with background music of your choice (from iPod library)
#,Live filters and effects
#,Record horizontal videos , by holding your phone straight
#,Square videos for vine and instagram
#,Audio metering with head phone and option to use external mic
#,Choose resolution and frame rate and duration of video clips
#,Special effects like dissolve zoom transition and ripples
#,Upload videos to YouTube,Facebook and instagram
#,Photo editor with useful tools like text and doodle
#,Manual controls for focus , exposure and temperature
#,Self timer with up to 60 seconds delay in both photo and video
#,Automatic zoom ramp
#,Front flash simulation for some extra light in night
#,Different audio choice for video, Music, Mic, Mic+Music or silence
#,Loud music playback while recording with music videos

You can upload of 3840X2160 videos into YouTube from the app.Also 2160X3840 videos can be saved to PC or Mac using iTunes file sharing.
Photo editor support many useful tools like text and doodle..
Tony Thomas