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MindFull List

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MindFull List

When your mind is full, you need a list. MindFull List.

Works with iCloud Drive to create and share your lists with iOS devices and Macs running MindFull List.
Works with Apple Watch.

Create a checklist on your iPad as you make your grocery list in the Kitchen. Your iPhone and Apple Watch will be updated with the new grocery items.

Edit lists on your iPhone, iPad.

Then take your iPhone and Apple Watch to the grocery store and check off items on your Apple Watch as you shop. Items checked off on your Apple Watch will update on your other devices.

Create lists for Goals, To-Dos, Stores you frequently shop at, etc.

Create a list of items you need to take on your next trip.
Then on the day of your trip, you can check them off one by one as you pack them.
(Using your Apple Watch or other Apple device)
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