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Chess Watch!

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Chess Watch!

Chess Watch is now FREE until a watchOS 3.0 version is ready.

The only chess game playable on Apple Watch!

Listed in's Best Games for Apple Watch:

"This neat app lets you play a full game of chess against online opponents using your ... wait for it ... voice! So now you can stare intently at your watch for a minute and then press a button and call out the move — bishop to E6 — like you're some sort of savant playing chess in your head." - Brian Crecente,

Voice your moves from Apple Watch while swiping through your matches on iPhone!

Play with friends or strangers with turned-based or real-time play.

A resign or draw system enables fair play and quick rematch.

On Apple Watch, tap the screen and voice a move like "Rook to D4"

| Autonomous is 1 indie dev looking for fun.