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Wrist Sudoku

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Wrist Sudoku

Play Sudoku on your Apple Watch!

Discover the next evolution of Sudoku! Play a quick and fun miniature version of this popular puzzle game on your Apple Watch, or play a more traditional and challenging game on your iPhone or iPad.


- Simple, beautiful and intuitive design.
- Play on your Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad.
- Thousands of puzzles to solve.
- Play on a miniature 4x4 grid on your Apple Watch.
- Play on a traditional 9x9 grid on your iPhone and iPad.
- Keep your brain active when you have some time to kill.
- High quality graphics.
- No adverts.
- Play Anywhere!


The objective is to fill the empty cells with numbers between 1 and 4 (Apple Watch) or 1 and 9 (iPhone and iPad), so that every row, column and block contains every number only once. Tap on the empty cells to change the values.