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Calc Thingy

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Calc Thingy

"One of The Most Versatile List Calculator Apps"

Finally the app you've been waiting for. One app to satisfy multiple needs. Don't download a calorie tracker, a shopping list app, an expense tracker and an inventory tracker...just download Calc Thingy and do all that and more in one app! It even comes with Apple Watch features!!!

Other Examples:
- Make a shopping list with prices and get a total of what you will spend.
- Take inventory and total up the number of items in inventory.
- Make a project task list with hours and total up the hours for all tasks.
- Make a travel list with amounts and get a total cost of the trip.
- Track all of your business expenses and total them.
- Create a spend budget and subtract from it every time you spend.
- Track your calories for every meal and get totals for the day.

The possibilities are endless!!!!!

Other features:
- iCloud sync
- Share your calculated lists via email, text, and much more
- Change the math applied to each entry in your list
- Attach photos to each row in your calculated list
- Attach a note to each row in your calculated list
- View your calculated list on your Apple Watch
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