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QuickCart: The application which lets you manage your shopping lists in a smart and easy way.
QuickCart is characterized by its simplicity and functionality. It has a simple interface which helps you create shopping lists quickly, easily and intuitively and all your shopping lists will be synchronized with iCloud automatically.

Forget the traditional shopping list, because you’ll end up losing it, you won’t have a pen with you, or you’ll forget half of the things you really need.
With QuickCart, you can easily add and delete items to and from your current shopping list through your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.
When you have purchased an item from your list, it will appear crossed off on your screen, indicating that you have bought it.

With PRO version you can add unlimited items and you will receive smart notifications about the availability of the items on your list. Also, ads will be removed and you can export your lists from the application to your email, iMessage, etc. With the free version of QuickCart, you will still be able to synchronize your lists with Apple Watch directly without paying.

There are 3 ways to add products to your shopping list:

1. Manually. You can manually add items by choosing them directly from the dropdown menu. If they do not already exist, you can add them to the database.

2. Voice recognition. Once the item is created and added to your database, you can speak directly to QuickCart and it will add it directly to your current shopping list.

3. Scan barcodes. You can add barcodes with the camera on your phone. If the item already exists in the database, QuickCart will add the product to your shopping list, and if it does not, QuickCart will allow you to easily add it to the database.

Also, in your “history,” you can load/import items from old lists that you have already finished, and in this way, you can save time by not retyping the same items.

Remember, voice recognition was created to learn words at the same time that you create items in your database, so your data will be safe and will never be shared. For us, privacy is first, which is why we designed QuickCart in this way.
Maximo Garcia Marquez