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Datamon helps you monitor your internet traffic.

Datamon is a must have utility for those who use frequently 3G / 4G data traffic from their iPhone. With this tool you will be able to know your internet consumption accurately and in real time. Daily, weekly and monthly statistics are available for your reference.

Through a precision algorithm and thanks to the new features provided by iOS, Datamon performs periodic checks on the device, constantly monitoring and analyzing incoming and outgoing traffic from your device.

No configuration required. Just leave datamon running in the background. Everything else will be done automatically. Opening the app more times in a day will train the algorithm behind the scene, gaining more precision.

Thanks to a simple and convenient Today extension, you can know your 3G/4G data consumption in a swipe. Informations are recorded and stored on a database in order to be subsequently browsed within the app.


- Apple WatchOS2™ complications support.
- Customizable Today Widget.
- Aggregate 3G/4G internet traffic daily, weekly and monthly.
- Browse your traffic by custom date interval.
- Works without configuration and with all providers.
Elisa Valeria Distefano