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MatchTrack is an advanced tennis score keeper and charting app. It is the easiest to use tennis tracking app available for iOS and doesn’t require an account or any personal information at all! MatchTrack can also broadcast your match scores so anyone can see how it's going, even if they don't have the app!

With input and assistance from Associate Head Coach Paul Tobin for the Penn State Men’s Tennis Team, MatchTrack has implemented all the charting requirements that he uses for his players in Happy Valley. “This is by far the best tennis charting app out there.” said Coach Tobin. “I have thought about every variable in order to provide real-time stats that can greatly help every competitor, coach and parent.”

Have you ever wondered why a match is going a certain way? With MatchTrack that information is at your finger tips as the match is happening.

It's an easy-to-use app with no confusing menus or match setup. Quickly score points by indicating whether it was a first or second serve then hit the game score of the player that won the point. If you're using Detailed Scoring you'll also be asked how the point was won, that's it! Shot Stats takes the tracking to a new level, letting you see how many winners and errors were hit with a variety of shot types like backhand, forehand, volleys and overheads.

Whether you're scoring your child’s match or watching the pros, MatchTrack keeps you updated on how the match is going.

Match stats are updated in real time and are available right on the scoring screen on your iPhone, no need to click around to find what you’re looking for.

- iCloud Sync, keeps your data synced between all of your devices
- Fast4 Matches
- View stats split out by set, just select the set you want to see on the scoring screen.
- Individual doubles scoring! This means you'll be able so select which player hit every shot and see it broken down on the the Shot Stats screen.
- Match Log showing the entire history of the match
- Score singles or doubles matches
- Two scoring modes: Simple and Detailed. Simple scoring tracks just who won the point and what serve it was while Detailed includes how the point was won.
- Stats including serve percentages, return and serve points won, and break points saved or won while using Simple Scoring.
- Detailed Scoring keeps track of your aces, winners, double faults, and forced and unforced errors.
- Shot Stats takes it to the next level, letting you see the number of forehands, backhands, volleys, drop shots, and overheads hit for winners or as errors.
- Supports a variety of match lengths and rules including options for pro set matches, ad-scoring, final set tie breaks and super tie breaks.
- MatchTrack will never ask you to set up an account or require an email address or any personal information.

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