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Caffeine Balance | Drink Coffee and stay Healthy

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Caffeine Balance | Drink Coffee and stay Healthy

Hello coffee lovers!

We all try to stay fit and healthy, exercising regulary, using modern tracking devices to follow the progress. But we tend to forget how much coffee we consume per day and it can be a little dangerous. Caffeine Balance allows you to quickly track daily caffeine consumption based on what drinks you prefer and in what sizes.

- Tap on coffee type in a list to add it to your daily consumption.
- Separate screen to see history for last two weeks and statistics for any time period.
- Remove accidentally added records on History screen.
- Tap on a daily consumption counter to set your own desired limit, if you would like to limit yourself to lower dose than suggested by default.
- Use Apple Watch to track your consumption: Glance screen is accessible from main screen with swipe from below to check daily limit, current location and open main app.
- Add data to your health record in Health app.
- Location based reminders - you can set up a location mark and will be reminded to track your consumption upon some time spent in this area.

Note for users:
- Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. However, we did our best to keep battery consumption as low as possible.

Next planned features:

- Access your heart rate to correlate it's changes to caffeine consumption.

For feature requests or suggestions, mail us at [email protected]
Aleksandr Vlasov