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Plus+-Minus is a fun game designed to while away a few minutes and TRAIN YOUR BRAIN at the same time! Using your Apple Watch you can play right on your wrist whenever you have seconds or moments! Just answer 30 simple math problems as fast as you can--without making mistakes--and try to beat your old high score!

You get points for how fast you answer correctly, but lose points if you get one wrong, so focus and try to do the best you can. Each time you get a new high score, it means you're doing better, and your brain is becoming more nimble at solving basic math problems quickly!

You can play on the Apple Watch or any other device. Each game (on whichever device) is a separate game. You can pause or send the app to the background at any time, and resume whenever you like, the next you have a free moment at work, in line or on the go!

If at any time you don't like your score, you can always press the Restart button to start a new test. You can also reset your high score any time by pressing the Reset High Score button.

Have fun, train your brain, and enjoy yourself, whenever you have a spare moment. Plus+-Minus is fun and keeps your brain working great!
John Gibbs