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Core X

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Core X

Don't let your abs be flabs with Core X!

Core X guides you through our flagship workout, Core X. This intense workout was designed for runners but is great for anyone who is looking for a workout to make them stronger in all areas of their body but especially in their abs.

"Our whole team uses this app!"

'I use this app everyday for my workout"

This app not only has Core X, but we are adding new workouts in every update and our list currently includes:

-Core X
-101 Pushups
-Yogata Be Kidding Me
-Coach Liz Stretch Routine

and many more to come!

The app will guide you through the workout with vibrations, sound and a visual countdown until when you switch to the next exercise while you jam out to your favorite playlist. It is also customizable for the amount of time you do each exercise and the rest time in-between each exercise.

Don’t let your abs become flabs and download Core-X today!

Please note that this app can tie in with the Health App. If you grant us permission, we will not read any of your health data but we will add your workouts to the Health App.
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