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With SonoSequencr you can create individual sequences to perform recurring tasks with just one click.

If you have multiple Sonos devices and want to play a radio station on all of them, it takes some time to set this up. With SonoSequencr, all you have to do is open the app and tap your previously created sequence.
You can lock your iOS device or use another app while your sequence is running in the background.
Of course, you can also start it from the widget, Apple Watch or using Flic Buttons.

Here are some examples:
- Group kitchen and dining room, set volume to 5, start a radio station and set a sleep timer to 2 hours
- Switch your Playbar in the living room to the TV input, set the volume to 40, add dining room and set the equalizer settings for both devices to neutral
- Disable the subwoofer and enable voice enhancement + night mode on the Playbar in the living room
- Set the equalizer settings for all your devices to specific values
- Disable touch on speaker and enable status light for all your devices
- Set the volume of the kitchen and living room to the same value as in the dining room
- Make an announcement with your individual text in the children's room
- etc...

Each of these examples, created once, requires only one tap in the widget or on your Apple Watch.

SonoSequencr also includes a restricted mode. This allows you to restrict control to specific devices, among other things.

Using an optional in-app purchase, you can also start sequences at specific times or via external triggers like IFTTT. Of course, this requires that the iOS device is on the same network as your Sonos devices at the time. For intensive use of external triggers, it is recommended to run SonoSequencr in 'server mode'. In this mode, SonoSequencr is always running in the foreground on a dedicated iOS device. SonoSequencr still supports iOS9.

There are many more features like grid view, create dynamic alarms, HTTP requests, launch other apps, automatic battery charging in server mode, transfer sequences between devices, etc....

You can only use music (radio streams/tracks/albums) for your sequences that are stored in your Sonos Favorites (My Sonos) or in your TuneIn radio stations. You can't search your entire music library in this app. Just add your most used music to my Sonos then it can be used in your sequences.

The Timed Sequences feature is only available with an optional in-app purchase 'Premium'. With this automatically renewing subscription, up to 20 sequences can be run at freely configurable times. The function is only active as long as a valid subscription exists. The costs are billed via the iTunes account. The subscription will be renewed automatically within 24 hours before expiration (same time and costs), unless it is cancelled before in 'Settings' -> 'Manage Subscriptions' or in the iTunes settings.

To use this app you must have a working Sonos system. SonoSequencr supports Sonos software 1 and 2.

For terms and conditions and privacy policy see:

This is not an official Sonos app.
Marcus Pleintinger