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Off Limits! Word Guess

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Off Limits! Word Guess

Off Limits is a word guessing game were a set of words are forbidden and off limits. Friends compete to guess as many words without saying any of the off limit words. Improve your word thought skills, teamwork, quick thinking and reflexes all while having fun.

- Multiple card decks
- Diverse categories
- Over 2,000 cards to guess from
- Simple game play
- Ability to change round time
- 10+ Languages available
- Apple Watch App

Word Packs include:
- Animals
- Food
- Hollywood
- School
- Technology
- Travel
- And MORE!

How to play:
1. Split into Two Teams
2. On the team's turn, select a player to be the describer.
3. The person of the opposite team will look over the describer's shoulder and make sure none of the off limit words are used. Off limit words are considered forbidden and should not be used. Any time any off the off limit words are used the user must skip forward.
4. When the time starts, the describer will begin describing the guess word to their team and will continue for each guess word until the timer runs out.
5. Enjoy the game

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