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Drug Search +

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Drug Search +

Do you play competitive sports?

Are your supplements safe?

Use Drug Search + to quickly & easily browse & search through the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) list of prohibited substances to check that any vitamins, supplements, or medications you are taking are legal to use. Drug Search + also facilitates quick checks of the US FDA (Food & Drug Administration) list of tainted supplements for products containing substances prohibited under the WADA rules.

Drug Search + features a handy Apple Watch app for quick searches of the WADA list of prohibited and permitted substances using Apple's powerful voice recognition technology without the inconvenience of having to reach into a pocket for an iPhone.

Drug Search + also includes a powerful image search action extension that allows users to scan and search product labels without having to manually enter substance names into the app. The image search action extension is accessed by taking an action on any photo stored in the Photos app, or though the camera icon in the Drug Search + iPhone app.

Drug Search + is designed, developed, & coded by world champion athletes.
World Champ Tech