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pon is the smart shopping list app that makes everyday shopping convenient and easy - without ads, without tracking and without costs.

This is what pon offers at a glance:
• Push reminder if you are nearing a shopping location and there are still unfinished items on your list (Geofence)
• Manage and edit shopping lists collaboratively
• Synchronization on any number of devices
• Automatic smart sorting of items in order of how they are arranged in your supermarket
• Grouping of articles according to purchasing locations
• Automatic notification to list participants when you're shopping
• Creating Multiple Lists
• Manual sorting of items possible
• Create your own items with pictures, prices and offer prices
• Extensive product database in several languages
• Apple Watch App
• Apple Watch Complication
• Widgets
• Barcode Scanner
• Can be used offline
• Siri and Shortcuts support
• No tracking, no advertising
• much more

Just imagine you're on your way home from work and on the way you automatically get a push notification as soon as you pass your supermarket with the message that you're out of milk at home. Your partner with whom you share a shopping list has put this on the shopping list and pon will automatically remind you at the right time.

pon remembers all the products and product attributes you have bought, so you don't have to enter them again every time. pon also remembers how much of a product you usually buy and suggests it to you next time. This makes shopping child's play.

Share your shopping list with friends, colleagues or family and keep track of all your purchases.

Your lists are automatically sorted in the order in which you ticked off your last purchases and after some time everything is automatically pre-sorted as the items are arranged in your supermarket. Entering categories is yesterday!

The automatic synchronisation ensures that your lists are always up-to-date and available on all your devices.

pon automatically reminds you via push notification when you pass a shopping location (geofencing) and you still have unbought items on your shopping list. Of course you can also turn it off if you prefer to think about it yourself.

If you share your shopping lists with others, you can have your friends automatically notified when you're shopping. You can avoid the call: "Honey, do we need anything else? It's so easy!

Choose your products from an extensive product database or simply create your own products. You can also select attributes such as "Organic" or "Lactose-free" to highlight this on your shopping list for those who go shopping.

The integrated barcode scanner saves you from having to manually create a new product. Simply scan the barcode, select the quantity and confirm.

With the Apple Watch app, you always have your shopping list on your wrist and one hand free when shopping. You can also display pon directly on your watch face for faster access. Try it out!

We completely dispense with tracking and advertising. Enable locations and push notifications and discover the great features that come with them - we promise everything stays on your device, is not transmitted and is none of our business!

If you like pon you can support us voluntarily with a one-time contribution. The offered in-app purchases are optional and do not extend the functionality.

If you still have ideas, suggestions or wishes how we can make pon even better let us know - we are looking forward to your feedback.

pon is smart, mobile and the best: free of charge
Adrian Kuehlewind