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I-Ching App of Changes

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I-Ching App of Changes

Simply the best. Whether you're new to the I Ching or have used the book as an oracle, an aid to creativity, or a mirror of your subconscious, you'll love the clarity of writing, the intuition in the design, and the simplicity of use of this digital I Ching or Yi Jing. The modern, no-nonsense interface delivers new users straight to the basics: you ask a question, the I-Ching answers. For old souls who know the book well this app holds a wealth of features for deeper research. There's a journal where you can save and search your questions and readings, a notes area where you can record any length of text as context, a lookup library organized by number and trigram. You can recreate any I Ching reading using decimal notation. Original Chinese text included in an alternative selectable library at no additional charge. There are no ads, no subscriptions, no in-app purchases.

The I Ching software engine emulates precisely the ancient yarrow stalk method, which was slightly more likely to cast yang than yin. A changing yin line is very rare using stalks, but of equal probability to changing yang using coins. The ancient divination method uses stalks rather than coins.

If you prefer to count your own stalks or cast your own coins there's a manual hexagram builder to make your task easier. 

The wisdom and philosophy of the ancient Chinese texts blend seamlessly with commentaries that gently mix a dash of modern poetry, a pinch of humor, and cultural grace notes from the worlds of art, music, divination, and literature to bring you what many daily users have called the very best I-Ching app available.
Among my favourite reviews:

"Of all the versions I've used, your renderings of the Book of Changes are my heart-felt favorites. They have inspired me, made me laugh and cry and everything in between."

“Pretty profound! This Iching app gave me spot-on advice. I've never paid for an app before, but I had a strong urge to get this one. I'm impressed! Not to sound all new-age but I totally laughed out loud at the reading it gave me, it was like it was sitting here looking over my shoulder and telling me exactly what I needed to know about my grumpy husband. P.S. Grumpy husband called and apologized right when I finished reading my reading."

"Carl Jung would have been happy to have this Yi Jing on his phone - great to use, unfussy, untechy, respectful of the original. The journal feature is great for storing readings and referring back. Well done!"
All of us sometimes need a sympathetic ear and wise guidance, whether it's in matters of romance or finance: the I-Ching can become a companion along life’s journey like no other. It's a book that helps you explore questions and, if you're lucky, find answers: Whether you believe it's because the book is an oracle or the answers are simply unearthed from your subconscious -- the book's true magic lies in its ability to be a helpful guide (sometimes astoundingly so) to all these different forms of curiosity.

Following the tradition of Baynes and countless interpreters of the original texts, I've written commentaries which borrow words and inspiration from a multitude of sources: Bob Dylan, Lao Tzu, Doctor Who, the Tarot, T.S. Eliot, King Kong, John Lennon, the Grateful Dead and Martin Luther King all make cameo appearances. The language, unlike so many translations, makes every attempt to be gender-neutral.

I wanted the sparest interface possible. No fake parchment backgrounds, no gimmicky images of bamboo or cartoon sages with oracles and winning lottery numbers. I tried not to imitate materials in the real world, but to let this app be its own thing, at home in its digital divination space.

I strived to create a quiet, reflective, slowed down experience in an environment that normally shouts.

I hope you enjoy using this I-Ching app as much as I enjoy crafting it, improving it, and hearing from people who have found it helpful in their lives.
Brian Fitzgerald