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PASCAL Monthly Calendar

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PASCAL Monthly Calendar

Since you are using an iPad or an iPhone, you would want to manage your schedules digitally. However, digital technology has many limitations and can be difficult to use. Therefore, we have implemented a paper-made appointment book directly into the app. You can freely write in it as you would on paper. We have also implemented distinctive digital functions like linking to the iOS calendar, allowing you to manage your schedules by taking advantage of both analog and digital technology.

This is how you use it.

It will feel the same as writing down your schedule on paper. By double tapping the area you want to fill in, you can handwrite whatever you want to write down.

It appears to be a regular calendar, but there is actually a stack of detailed screens that cover the full month. By tapping on each date you can switch to a detailed screen for that day. (You can freely fill in the detailed screen for the full day)

Sticky notes can be pasted on the detailed screens. You can also handwrite freely on the sticky notes, allowing you to use the same kind of schedule management approach you would use with sticky notes and address books.

*In addition, the sticky notes is allocated with a memo space about 1 page worth in size, allowing you to fill in the sticky note with details of your schedule.

You can display schedules on the iOS calendar on the app. You can also use the app to register new events on the iOS calendar.

With the goal to make the app as achromatic as possible, controls such as buttons were reduced just short of the point of inconvenience. We also introduced simple designs with no unnecessary ornaments for the calendar displays. On the other hand, we have taken great care in the fundamentals of the app as a stationary so that it can reflect the style of the users. For example, a stationary shop would not be able to match the variety of ink colors for pens and markers that we have prepared. Even for handwritten words, we compiled fine adjustments to achieve a smooth feel as you write, taking advantage of natural handwriting instead of simply using digital enhancements to make the words look smooth.

This is an app that will fit comfortably in your hand the more you use it. (Despite making the difficulty during your initial use seem just as apparent) We hope that you will find this app useful for many years to come.
kazuhiko takahashi