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Vurb — Search & Discover Things to Do

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Vurb — Search & Discover Things to Do

Your daily guide to search and discovery—get recommended things to do and more.

Voted ‘Best New App’ by Apple and TIME, Vurb is the only search app that gives you suggestions and results tailored to what you love. It’s the best way to search, save, and get things done—in one simple app. With Vurb you can:

• Search Restaurants, Sights, Nightlife, Movies, TV Shows, Music, Videos, and Events.

• Save your favorite finds into lists to remember them for later—like “Paris Vacation” or “Brunch Spots”.

• Explore entertainment, travel, and restaurant ideas curated from Vurb and its community—tailored for you.

• Make plans or share your favorite finds with friends on Vurb Chat, text, or email.

• Take action:
◦ Make reservations
◦ See reviews
◦ Get a ride with Uber or Lyft
◦ Stream movies on Netflix or Amazon
◦ Buy tickets to movies and events
◦ Listen to music

Stay Current.

Vurb’s ‘Today’ tab keeps you in the know with a daily update of recommended things to do, trending videos, new music, and more.

Search is easy.

No need to open multiple apps to search for dinner, make a reservation, and get an Uber. We organize your search results with information and services from relevant apps. See only the most important information at a glance and access the right action—like buying ticket—with a tap.

Personalized for you.

Get suggestions based on where you are, time of day, and even the weather. Pick your preferences—like nightlife and movies—to get recommendations from Vurb and the community on the things you love. The more you search and save on Vurb, the better the tailored suggestions get.

Press and Reviews:

Forbes: “Newest And Best Apps For The Upcoming Travel Year”
New York Times: “12 Travel Apps Worth Keeping in 2016”
Los Angeles Times: “Think it, book it, do it: Vurb app eases the work of going out”
New York Times: “Start-Ups Try to Challenge Google, at Least on Mobile Search”
Techcrunch: “If Google launched today, it might look a lot like Vurb”,
Techcrunch: “Search App Vurb Adds Messaging To Become The U.S. WeChat”
USA Today: “You can Google it, or perhaps now Vurb it”
VentureBeat: “Vurb launches its uber-app as the conductor of your app symphony”
MIT Technology Review: “An App Inspired by App Overload”
Macworld: “Social discovery app Vurb keeps your favorite apps in one place”

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