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PK Fitness

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PK Fitness

Personalize your fitness journey and fast-track your results by using real-time effort feedback during your workouts. Track any activity, both indoors and in the gym, and see exactly how hard your body is working as you exercise.

-Effort based activity tracker
-Tracks pace, distance, steps, elevation, calories, etc.
-Post workouts, pictures, & statuses to the community feed
-Audio prompts for effort changes, time, distance, etc.
-Post-workout effort review with interactive graphs & maps
-Post-workout zones graph
-Effort-targeted challenges
-Streak count
-Nudge friends
-Badges & awards
-Workout comparison
-Daily effort-based leaderboards

Effort ranges on a scale of 0-100, with 0 meaning no effort and 100 meaning max effort. Wear a heart rate monitor for real-time effort feedback throughout your workout (optional but recommended). If you don’t have a HRM or Apple Watch you can log your workouts manually with effort estimation.

Effort looks different for everyone. If you’re a professional athlete, you might run an 8-minute mile with a low-moderate effort, whereas a beginner might reach max effort trying to get it under 10 minutes. Each person has different capabilities, different body types, and different fitness levels and your effort reflects this.

We get it, finding time to workout is hard enough but knowing what to do when you go to workout is even harder. It’s for that very reason that we’ve put together workout plans with effort target ranges for each exercise (available for purchase on our website).

Real-time effort is useful while you’re working out, but even more important is what you do with that information. Each week, you’ll receive personalized insights detailing stats from the previous week, giving you the tools you need to fine-tune your fitness goals and maximize your results.

Connect with friends, family, trainers, coaches and more. Share photos, ask questions, post statues, and give encouragement all in the community feed.

“I love this app because it holds me accountable- not just to workout, but to workout THAT much harder.”
“I love this app! It's like Facebook for exercising!”
“A must-have app... it motivates, it records and it pushes you to achieve a better workout. I use to just go thru the motions in my various workouts, but now, with this app, I push myself and get some real sweat going”
“Without PK I was 40 pounds heavier than today with lots of pain in my back.”
“I had MapMyRun and then went to Strava but now prefer PK fitness.”

Connect your apple watch for easy workout tracking without needing your phone nearby! See metrics throughout your workout like real-time effort as well as pace, distance, calories, and more.

PK Fitness easily integrates with Apple’s Health app and provides data such as heart rate, calories, steps, etc. for all your workouts.

PK Fitness is GDPR compliant. Note that GPS running in the background can decrease battery life.

PK supports Apple Watch and Bluetooth enabled heart rate monitors for accurate effort tracking in workouts. For a full list of compatible Bluetooth heart rate monitors, visit
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